Solar Electric Options

This page was provided to assist our clients in understanding the benefits of our solar production energy products. Our product options include solar panels, batteries, and generators. We also provide extended warranty options.

At Magic Sun Solar we know the importance of keeping costs down, and will make every effort to help you save money now and in the future.

Our Solar Panels

MSS uses 2 manufactures, SolarWorld and LG. Both companies have a 25 year warranty while SolarWorld is 100% American made here on the West coast in Oregon. LG offers high density panels that translates to very high efficiency levels of output.


SolarWorld manufactures high quality solar panels that are American made. From inception to installation, Solar World meticulously controls and sustainably executes every step of their solar panel manufacturing process. The result is maximum, cost-effective performance from every SolarWorld panel, every time.

LG Solar

Backed by 25 years of intense research and development far surpassing industry standards, LG Solar’s photovoltaic modules are uniquely designed to offer the superior quality, field tested performance, durability and reliability customers the world over have come to expect from LG.

Enphase Envoy

In addition to highly efficient modules, MSS couples that with Enphase envoys that allow MSS as well as the customer to monitor energy consumption AND production. These envoys are module-level monitoring that transmits real time AC wattage outputs from each module independently to sum up the arrays production.

The Enphase Home Energy Solution provides real-time data collection from your microinverters and delivering remote updates back out to them, the Envoy keeps your entire system in constant communication. A connected system is a smarter system.

Today, that means ease, insights, and reliable solar energy. Tomorrow, it’s the intelligence to adapt to changing grid requirements, via automatic remote updates that Envoy downloads and pushes out to your microinverters. Energy you can count on, today and into the future.

As a result of the two way communication system, Envoy lets you pinpoint performance issues instantly and resolve them remotely, before they get in the way of system performance which saves both time and money.

Sonnen Energy Storage System

Magic Sun Solar is proud to be a Certified Installer and Partner for Sonnen

Sonne — A clean, reliable and long-lasting intelligent energy storage system that provides greater energy independence.
>> View Sonnen’s website to learn more

Sonnen Home Battery

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