Solar Electric Services

Our solar installation services include complete installation packages as well custom designed systems to fit your budget and energy needs. As a company, our goal is to help homeowners own solar with little to no money out of pocket. We will assist you with finance options, incentive maximization, permitting, and interconnections. We also provide system monitoring, and a 25 year performance guarantee!

Solar Electric Mounting Options

There are several ways to install a solar array at a residence and what works best for you is based upon the available surface options, amount of sun for the chosen location, and your output needs. Common options include residential rail-less, residential rail-based, wire management (use of clips), and commercial flat roof.

Most PV systems produce 5-to-10 Watts per square foot of array area. The variance is this rate is based on a variety of different technologies and the varying efficiency of different PV products. For example, a typical 2-kW PV system will need 200-400 square feet of unobstructed area to site the system.

When choosing the location of our solar PV array, it is also important to consider the need of access for the system. Typically the access space requirement of the mounting area will reduce the the available space by 20%.

Solar Ground Mounts:

Does your home or business have trees that shade the roof? MSS can design and install ground mount structures that are aesthetically pleasing and where energy production is maximized.

There are many installation types for our ground-mounted residential solar systems. Common options include low-profile, pole-mount, and low-penetration systems.

Generally, ground mounted solar panels cost the same as rooftop solar on a per-watt basis. If your property isn’t ideal for rooftop solar, installing a ground-mounted system can actually save you money in the long term.

  • Ground mounting allows for more mounting and positioning flexibility than a roof mount which will help with overall production.
  • Maintenance is easier on a ground mount and it is much safer to trouble shoot an array on the ground, so less time intensive.
  • Performance with ground mounts systems will almost always be better than a roof mount since the ground has more airflow to cool down the panels vs. being on a hot surface.
  • The longevity of a PV system is often longer than the lifespan of a roof, for which a ground mount system won’t require taking down the solar PV system during roof replacement or repair.
  • Ground mount systems can be expanded upon easily, whereas there is typically limited space on most residential roofs.

Solar Roof Mounts:

Roof mounting is the most popular option, and it is especially useful if you want to maximize your yard space.

As you would expect, there are a variety of roof mounting options available to work with the different roof types and pitches. Common options include residential rail-less, residential rail-based, wire management (use of clips), and commercial flat roof.

Solar Carports:

Yet another great way to keep a solar array safe and out of the way while providing a shade structure and a platform for your solar investment.

Carport mounted solar systems are a popular use of otherwise unused structure and parking lot space. Carport solar can be a very effective option both as a residential charging station for homes and for larger solar car parks for apartment buildings and multi-unit dwellings.

Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Solar panel cleaning is an essential component of any solar maintenance program. Dirty panels mean power loss—grime and debris such as pollen, dust, bird droppings and tree sap/leaves all reduce the ability of the solar array to perform at full capacity. According to the National Renewable Energy laboratory, dirty panels can reduce energy production by 25%.

To assist our clients achieve optimal solar electric energy output we provide an MSS Panel Cleaning Service. With this service our maintenance team will routinely clean your solar panel arrays and provide routine visual inspections to insure that all is in good working order.

Ground mount solar panels installed